March 16th, 2021

To our 2021 summer guests,

With the upcoming summer fast approaching, we are so excited to host you again. To do so, we want to speak to the summer status and share the evolving plans, so that you too can plan accordingly.

Good news! We have met with the County Health Department and have been given permission to move forward with our Covid Prevention Plan and subsequent summer plans. The state of California is also publishing guidelines, effectively opening the doors for summer programs like ours. In order to stay compliant with the ever-evolving California guidelines, here are some of the changes you should expect as you prepare for your program.

—Pre-arrival, we need all guests to do 1 of 3 options. Provide proof of:

-Negative Covid test, 3 days or fewer before travel or
-Proof of Vaccine or
-Antibody test demonstrating you’ve had Covid.

—Pre-arrival, we are also asking guests to do a 3-day “quarantine,” limiting interactions between your time of testing and being on-site.

—Upon arrival, you will be placed on teams and you will be in close proximity with these team members throughout the program.

—Housing will have assigned beds and sleeping direction to maintain some distancing inside the cabin.

—Masks will be required when walking in/around the Lodge & Big Top (concentrated guest areas) and when interacting with “non-team members.”

—Our dining and Big Top areas will be “team-seating,” 6 ft. apart from other teams.

—When seated with one’s team, the masks can be removed.

—Some activities will be reordered and modified to maintain safety standards.

—Program activities are scheduled with the teams, and when multiple teams present, they will be spaced out.

—Communal spaces will have enhanced safety & sanitation procedures. For example:

—Multiple snack bar locations to spread out the groups and the demand

—More frequent ionized cleaning of common areas

Again, our goal is to stay healthy while impacting the guest experience as little as possible. Our Keys to a Healthy Summer below has further details about each area. We are so excited about the upcoming summer and have the great expectation that lives will be transformed throughout the summer.

We look forward to hosting you.



What happens if I contract Covid while at the Ranch?

We will isolate you immediately in a designated cabin. This cabin has the basic amenities and we will bring food service to your cabin. You will certainly be allowed to go outside while staying away from other guests, our staff, crew and activity areas. Assuming your symptoms don’t require additional care, we will await your return to health, which will likely be at the end of the program, if not later.

Do I get my money back if I contract Covid?

No, but we will pro-rate an amount, based on the number of program days missed, towards a future program. 

What happens if a team-mate gets Covid?

The goal is to impact the rest of the team’s experience as little as possible, while taking further precautions. The remainder of the team will continue to house in their allotted cabin since they are separate from the other teams. The seating in the dining and meeting areas will adjust to allow for further spacing and less interaction amongst team members and other teams.

Is there going to be Covid testing on-site?

We have a limited number of tests to be able to verify that an individual is COVID free before they return to normal interactions with other guests and JH staff.  

What if I show up without verification?

If you fail to provide evidence, we can test you but there will be a $100 charge.

What about the Siskiyou county travel advisory mandating a 14-day quarantine upon arrival?

In discussions with the county health department they are considering our location and programming model to be isolated from the general public, therefore we can confidently move forward with our summer programming.

Will temperature checks be performed?

Our cabin coaches will be taking temperatures of the team-members before coming up to the dining area. Any irregularities will be recorded and relayed to the nurse.

How will food service be different? 

Teams will be seated at their out and any buffet style dining along with self-service will be removed.