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Our Staff Is JH Ranch.

Visit JH Ranch and you'll find that our people are the real reason guests love their Ranch experience. One of our core values is Hospitality, and we take great pride and joy in making you feel as welcome as possible.

In fact, the 145 members of our Summer Crew are all volunteers! Each of them is so excited to be at the Ranch with you that they willingly give up their summers to serve at JH Ranch. Many of them grew up coming through our programs and have been looking forward to their time to be a Crew Member for years, but all of them are committed to making sure you and your family have the best experience possible.

Additionally, over 50 individuals work year-round to make each summer possible. Many of us spent time as a guest and a volunteer before joining the team full time and we all think that spending three months in the mountains of northern California is a pretty good way to earn a living.

JH Ranch operates under permits issued by the Klamath National Forest. It is an equal opportunity employer.