Join the JH Ranch Summer Crew!

The JH Summer Crew Program is often described as, “the most impactful summer of my life!”

The summer crew program runs from May to August and is located at JH Ranch in Etna, California. You will spend 3 months in an undistracted environment while serving and growing with 140 like-minded, passionate crew members. The first 2-3 weeks consists of crew orientation where you will be trained in your summer position and connected with fellow crew members. The remaining portion of the summer will be spent serving JH Ranch guests in your assigned work area as you continue on a spiritual growth track.

These three months of growing in your walk with the Lord, developing your skills as a leader, and serving alongside potential lifelong friends will prepare you for what is yet to come! You will leave the Ranch not just brimming with inspiration, but equipped with practical tools to make a difference in any college or professional environment.

We are looking for college-age volunteers who are hungry, teachable, engaged and growing in their walk with the Lord. Applicants must be prepared to engage fully, serve selflessly, and meet challenges head-on. If you are attracted by fun, adventure, challenge, purpose, and service to others, then this crew program is for you!

Apply today to experience the summer of a lifetime!

Q. When does the application open?
A. The summer crew application opens mid-September of every year. Once your application is complete and your references are in, you will be considered for an interview. For the best chance at being considered for an interview, we suggest completing the application as soon as possible!

Q. When will I know if I have been accepted for an interview?
A. Once your application is complete, and your references have been submitted, we will review your application and email you about the possibility of an interview.

Q. When will I know my position for the summer?
A. A few days into crew orientation, we will announce summer positions.

Q. Will I get to be a coach (counselor)?
A. Unlike other summer camps, “counselor” or “coach” is not a position you would hold for the duration of the summer. Instead, coaches are selected per program depending on the needs of their department. Some crew members are selected to coach and some serve in other ways.

  • Application Dates -  Mid September - Mid April*

    • *Or until positions are full

  • Coaches Orientation - May 13 - May 20

  • General Orientation - May 20 - June 4

  • Summer Programs - June 4 - August 16

  • Crew Departure - August 18