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An Everlasting Adventure

You will find us on 1,000 remote acres in the mountains of northern California, fourteen miles outside of Etna, California (population 719). Breathtakingly beautiful, JH Ranch is where you can get away from it all in an undistracted environment — an experience unlike anything else. Situated by the Russian Wilderness and the Pacific Crest Trail, you’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

Our Adventures are
challenge by choice!
How far you go is up to YOU!

JH Ranch offers programs for ...

  • Parents with teenage son or daughter
  • Students from Jr High to College
  • Engaged Couples


This is not summer camp. We don’t do archery or crafts, but instead offer you the chance to try some new adventures with white-water rafting, back-country hiking, mountain climbing, biking and more! We always say, ”Fun First!”

JH Ranch operates under permits issued by the Klamath National Forest. It is an equal opportunity employer.