A Summer Refocused

To our 2021 summer guests,

As we approach the upcoming summer many of you are wondering how we are going to manage our Covid-19 compliance. We are working with the local health officials to develop a plan to have as “normal” a summer as possible, while staying compliant with the ever-evolving California guidelines. Fortunately, most of our existing operations allow for modifications.


Here’s what we know so far.

—California has color-coded tiers that respond to the current Covid growth rate.

—There’s no predicting where we will be at the start of our programs, so we are drafting up plans that respond to the various tiers.

—Prior to arrival, guests will need to either:
——Demonstrate a negative Covid test
——Demonstrate the administration of the vaccine
——Demonstrate with an antibodies test that they have had Covid-19  

—Our guests are grouped onto teams according to the age of the child. Teams (or cohorts) are an effective measure to break larger groups into smaller subsets, eliminating much of the exposure.

—Arrival procedures will change as guests will need to be placed onto teams either before arrival (at the airport for student programs) or immediately upon coming on property.

—Our dining and meeting areas are outside and will allow for adequate 6 ft. spacing between teams.

—Our program activities are scheduled with the teams, creating little crossover.

—Masks will be required when in the larger group gatherings or when interacting with others outside your team.

—Enhanced safety & sanitation procedures are being developed for communal spaces.

—A separate housing location is established for any sick guests or those that need to quarantine.


The aforementioned measures are the high points of our developing plan. Our goal is to stay safe while impacting the guest experience as little as possible. We pray often and are hopeful that we will have a Covid-free summer. We have the great expectation that lives will be transformed at JH Ranch in 2021!

We look forward to hosting you!


Jonathan LeDuc
JH Ranch Director